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Hypocrisy in DP Ruto’s camp stinks to the high heavens (Video)



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The latest move by President Uhuru Kenyatta has exposed the highest level of hypocrisy from DP William Ruto’s camp.

The President yesterday gazetted the appointment of 34 judges and left out six nominees.

The June 3 gazettement follows what has been a long-standing impasse in the appointment of the 41 judges, since former Chief Justice David Maraga’s tenure.

The President had last year declined to appoint the judges citing integrity issues on some of those who had been nominated by JSC.

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What baffles me, however, is how Ruto’s camp, one that was cheering Uhuru Kenyatta as he promised to revisit the Judiciary following the nullification of his victory in 2017, are the ones who are now crying most.

What suddenly changed?

Read below some of their hypocritical tweets.

“Exercising Powers that do not belong to you is the perfect description of DICTATORSHIP. That is what it is….” Itumbi tweeted.

Itumbi is one individual who once referred to the Judiciary as #WakoraNetwork, meaning a network of crooks.

He has now seen the light and is busy trying to bash the ‘monster’ he once fed and fattened.

Let’s shun such hypocrisy

Those who’re currently yelling about President Kenyatta’s latest move are the very ones who were cheering him on as he made these utterances. Sisi watu ya opposition tuliambiwa tu accept and move.

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Tumalize Safari na Uhuruto ndugu zanguni, we’re almost there.


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