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NaiRawBee: Where a night long twerking goes for 100k (Video)



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‘NaiRawBee, yule anakupea pia ananipea, akikuletea ananiletea, wanakula fare sote tunashare, ogopa sana..!’ you’ve probably heard that tune.

From a western point of view, twerking is overly sexualized and the performer’s participants in cultural notoriety – thus, objectifying it.
However, in its original context, it is primarily a dance for festive celebrations.

As a form of artistic expression resisting cultural destruction in Kenya, twerk is a way of re-politicizing the African female body, and decolonizing it from the male, western-influenced gaze.

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Sexual expression in it is therefore a dialogue, not simply an invitation to sex.

‘Twerker’ Anyango Sherlyne has disclosed that she charges a hundred thousand Kenya shillings for a nightlong grinding.

The socialite made the revelation to a fan during a question and answer session on her Instagram page.

“100k if it’s a party and for the entire night,” she answered.

You had it right, a whopping 100k!

She became known after she won a contest on Xtian Dela’s #NyongaFest Challenge.

Would you comfortably part with 100k for that sensual view the entire night?

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