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Bill Gates Melinda divorce, Twitter goes on a rampage



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Bill Gates the Microsoft founder and his wife Melinda, are divorcing after a 27-year-marriage, the couple has disclosed.

According to a post doing rounds online, the couple has decided to go their separate ways but at the same time promised to work together on projects they had initiated together.

#GulfDeathTrap (Video)

“We have raised three incredible children and built a foundation that works all over the world to enable all people to live healthy and productive lives. We will continue our work together at the foundation.” Reads part of the post shared on social media by the two.


Twitter is abuzz with many users taking the opportunity to bash the former world’s richest man.

“Who cares about his marriage? Bill Gates should divorce himself from the genocidal policies that are preventing vaccines from being produced in the Global South.” Tweeted Albert Lee.

Another Twitter user Jonathan Mcintosh believes Gates has done more harm than good to the world.

“Bill Gates has done more to prevent other nations from manufacturing life-saving vaccines than any other single person in history. Evil isn’t a strong enough word to describe his actions.” He tweeted.

Bill and Melinda 

Alex G feels the fortune built by the two was out of serious violations.

“The fortune Bill and Melinda Gates will be splitting up was built on violating antitrust laws, collaborating with the NSA, exploiting workers, avoiding taxes, and testing pharmaceuticals on poor people. Bill Gates met with Epstein many times. He’s a criminal and a psychopath.”He tweeted.

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