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#GulfDeathTrap (Video)



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#GulfDeathTrap has been trending since last night. They leave the country in their tens in search of a better life, a journey that turns into a suicide mission for some.

One Kenyan was found murdered and buried in the desert, another one in the streets of Riyadh.

#GulfDeathTrap was aired last night on KTN News by journalist Duncan Khaemba.

Kenyans on Twitter have called upon the government to cut links with Saudi Arabia.

Justice Marete, you just can’t hate this man (Video)

City lawyer Donald Kipkorir believes Kenya doesn’t need Saudia Arabia in totality.

“Kenya’s relationship with Saudi Arabia is of no value to us … Saudi Arabia has zero value for black lives .. Kenya must lead Africa in severing all diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia … We don’t need Saudi Arabia unless we have no pride in our dignity” The lawyer tweeted.

The story has sparked some serious debate online.

Watch the full video below;


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