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Anonymous: Diana Marua should’ve stripped on Thika road (Video)



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An anonymous man is trending on twitter thanks to a video clip where he blames Diana Marua for not acting smart on Thika road, Saturday night.

Marua, singer Bahati’s wife was among the first people who shared the mess that was witnessed on Thika road thanks to roadblocks that were mounted by security officers.

In the video, the man opines that Marua should’ve stripped, and there and then sparked a revolution against the oppressive government.

#GunsGalore -Purity Mwambia (Video)

According to the security officers, the move was prompted by what they termed as Kenyans tendency of flouting Covid 19 rules.

Anonymous: Diana Marua should’ve stripped on Thika road.

Several people were left stranded on the road for hours culminating to a serious debate online from Kenyans.

Some essential services providers such as ambulances had a hard time maneuvering through the snarl up.

Diana in response to the video by the anonymous man has promised not to fail Kenyans the next time she gets a chance.

Controversial blogger Cyprian Nyakundi also seemed to be buying into the man’s sentiments after he tweeted, “Diana Marua could have been the Wangari Maathai of our era. We could have named a forest after her. As Malcolm X said, “By Any Means Necessary” #RevolutionNow #UNLOCKourCOUNTRY.”

Watch the video below;


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