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NTSA crackdown on vehicles with modified plates (Video)



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National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has today begun cracking down on vehicles with new generation plates or modified plates across Nairobi.

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Most of the vehicles with these fake plates are said to be stolen or diverted from transit.

They are mostly driven by politicians and other heavyweights in the society.

NTSA in December last year issued a warning to motorists whose license plates do not meet regulations.

NTSA officials at a past crackdown on illegal number plates.

Through an announcement in the dailies, the authority warned that according to the Traffic Rules 2016, no one is allowed to sell reflective registration plates or third registration plate licenses without their written consent.

“The Authority’s attention is drawn to the widespread violation of Rule 5(a) of the Traffic (Registration Plates) Rules 2016 as evidenced by the large number of vehicles using registration plates not issued by the Authority.” Read part of the statement.

NTSA further warned motorcycles currently operating using printed papers indicating the registration number as opposed to the registration plate.

“It has also been noted that newly registered motorcycles are using printed papers to indicate their registration contrary to the prescribed number plates as required by section 12(1) of the Traffic act.”

“Through this Notice, motor vehicle and motorcycle owners are advised with immediate effect, to cease the use of these unauthorized registration plates, failure to which will result in prosecution,” read the notice from Director George Njao.




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