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Daring robbery at Eastleigh United Mall (Video)



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A video is trending of a daring robbery at Eastleigh United Mall. The video was shared by Asmali Mohamed an active twitter user and a businessman in the area.

In the video, three armed men storm one of the shops in the Mall, one brandishes a gun and what follows is an operation that can be described as one of the greatest act of impudence ever seen.

In a few minutes time, they’re done and majestically match out of the shop totally undeterred.

#KeneiMurder, 13 months later (Video)

Kenyans on Twitter who came across the video have called upon the Directorate of Criminal Investigation officers to jump into action and apprehend the offenders.


Others blamed the current situation in our economy.

“Not to justify crime but there is an increase in crime recently due to the current economic situation. When a clueless government locks parts of the country and puts in place unjustified curfew, these are the side effects.” Tweeted Sir LivingStone.

Young men should take it upon themselves to engage in activities that can give them genuine money at the expense of getting involved in crime.

So many of them have lost lives in the recent past due to crime.

Daylight robbery, the impudence! (watch)

The National Police Service Crime Report notes an increase in crime each year.

Watch the video below;

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