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Gusii land is blessed with Embarambamba (Video)



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Gusii land has produced so many prominent people in the country, notable ones being the late Simeon Nyachae, Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i among many others.

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Gospel artiste Embarambamba has in the recent days helped ‘propel’ the region with his music videos that continue to thrill Kenyans.

Embarambamba has been described in so many ways,  many terming his funny clips as high grade madness.

The gospel artiste came to be known nationally after a video went viral of him dancing on mud.

As the music video begins a ‘super-charged’ Embarambamba donned in a colorful suit is seen pulling strange moves in a banana plantation then quickly jumps over a fence into a maize plantation before jumping and rolling aimlessly in dirty water and mud.

Gusii land talent Embarambamba.

His ever swift jumps from left to right, to front and back flipping, to dipping himself into dirty water and even tearing off his clothes, this is to mention just but a few of a thousand and one unique techniques Embarambamba is embedded with.

He attributes this to the fact that when he is performing, the Holy Spirit lands in him and gives him the extra strength.

The man from gusii land says he had a dream one day where God told him to go and sing, because he was alive and God was also alive.

It is because of this that Embarambamba tears off his clothes during performances as a significance of chance from the secular to the Gospel way of life.

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