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#ReleaseKiama KOT pressures the state (Video)



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The government has been asked to immediately release activist Mutemi wa Kiama who was arrested yesterday. The hashtag #ReleaseKiama is currently trending on Twitter.

The activist was last evening arrested for allegedly committing a cybercrime offense.

Sources privy to the matter state that Kiama is being accused of making and posting a viral notice bearing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s photo.

#IMFStopLoaningKenya (Video)

The notice warns the entire world against getting into a loan agreement with President Kenyatta on behalf of Kenyans.

Mutemi wa Kiama.

The posters have been trending on nearly all social media platforms in Kenya as Kenyans went on rampage asking the International Monetary Fund not to issue the country with further loans.

Through the hashtag #StopGivingKenyaLoans, netizens cautioned the body adding that much of what had been borrowed in the past years only ended up in individual pockets.

“Even by applying the highest force to silence those who stand for the oppressed, a time has come where we need to retaliate and fight the enemy back. Individuals who stole covid funds are in a free land while an activist who said the truth is arrested, I hate Kenya. #ReleaseKiama.” Tweeted Kimaani.

“@IMFLive @IMFNews @WorldBank @WorldBankKenya @WorldBankAfrica know that Uhuru publicly admitted 2b is stolen daily! To date, no arrests, no returned funds, no stopping of the systemic endemic theft! Yet they harass @MutemiWaKiama for speaking out!
#UnlockOurCountry.” Tweeted swahili 254.

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