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DCI- Arrest the officers who stole from a bar (Video)



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Early last month, a video went viral of police caught on camera breaking into and stealing from a bar. The video was first aired by NTV.

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In the video, the officers who appear to be on a mission relentlessly try to enter the bar.

They’re seen using different tools trying to break the door of the bar.

They take turns in committing the sad act.

They finally succeed and one of them heads straight to the counter where the video captures him stealing alcoholic drinks.

The owner of the bar Moses Mwangi says he has lost more than 100k and a mobile phone.

Police officers caught stealing from a bar.

Kenyans on Twitter who reacted on the video called for speedy investigation into the matter adding that for long the police had gotten involved in so many criminal activities and no action had been taken against any of them.

Just wait for Charles Owino to say “Those men caught on Camera are not our officers but Robbers dressed in Police Uniforms. Our Officers are very disciplined and can’t do anything like this.” One Bravin Yuri tweeted.

“This is why am saying this curfew has turned police into thieves. This should not be there for the first place. Who told the government covid is being transmitted at night?” Opined Moses Mwenda.

One month later and none of the officers have been brought to book.

Kenyans are still calling upon the DCI to act on the case just the way they’ve worked on others involving civilians.




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