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Embarambamba at it again (Video)



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Kisii artist Chris Embarambamba has always excited Kenyans with his dancing styles, he has been described in so many ways with many terming his funny clips as high grade madness.

David Murathe – ‘Only fools will sing unlock Kenya’

It all started when a video of him dancing on mud much to the amusement of Kenyans online, many bashed him while others felt thrilled by his theatrics.

As the music video begins a ‘super-charged’ Embarambamba donned in a colorful suit is seen pulling strange moves in a banana plantation then quickly jumps over a fence into a maize plantation before jumping and rolling aimlessly in dirty water and mud.

The video went viral online and most netizens believed he was doing the acts to promote his song.

The video currently has over 15,000 views on YouTube.

His story dates back to 2004 where according to him, he loved to associate with famous people so that he could understand why and how people got to know them.


He added that Mr. Ong’eng’o a then a very famous musician came looking for him when the then President Daniel Toroitich Moi came to open a school in Kisii County.

Mr Ong’eng’o was looking for a drummist and Embarambamba became his best choice.

It was while playing the drum that the name Embarambamba came to be, after playing the drum, Mr Ong’eng’o called him Embarambamba.

In 2006, they recorded a song, Entururu one which  gave him a huge following and many came to know of him from the song.

Since then the gospel artiste has gone to amass fans and haters in equal measure.

Watch his latest video below;

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