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David Murathe – ‘Only fools will sing unlock Kenya’



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Jubilee party vice chairperson David Murathe has blasted Kenyans calling for the country to be unlocked.

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Through a tweet, Murathe described those calling for the unlocking as fools who don’t realize that Covid-19 is a killer virus.

“Only fools will sing ‘unlock Kenya’. Don’t they realize that Covid is a killer virus?” Read the tweet.

The post didn’t go down well with many Kenyans on Twitter(KOT)

David Murathe.

Many of those who reacted slammed him stating that as a wealthy person, he had no idea what the common person was going through as a result of President Kenyatta’s recent stiffer measures aimed at containing the spread of the disease.

“Only rich people like Murathe will sing ‘Funga Kenya’. Don’t they realize people are dying of hunger than Covid?” wondered one Teddy Osano.

Don Carleaf was however not soft choosing to go bare knuckles on the former Gatanga constituency member of parliament.

“Public funds looters r panicking of covid-19 coz no one is safe especially them! Nowanda the lockdown despite looting covid funds &
@JackMa ‘s ppe you are the most affected fellas! God is keeping poor kenyans safe because He knows that kenyans are on their own! #UnlockOurCountry” He stated.

Twitter has been busy for the past few days with many of the users of the platform calling on President Uhuru Kenyatta to unlock the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta open the country

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