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Magadi/Isinya junction: Fatal road accident (Video)



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A fatal road accident involving a boda boda rider and a truck took place yesterday at Magadi/Isinya junction in Kiserian.

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The rider succumbed on the spot.

In a CCTV camera that has since gone viral on social media, the riders attempt to overtake a pick up turns tragic after he’s knocked by the truck which was coming from the opposite direction.

Motorcycle accidents have been so rampant on Kenyan roads, most of them have been fatal ones that have ended up taking lives.

CCT image of the accident scene at Magadi/Isinya junction, accident scene.

Head injuries are a major cause of death, injury and disability among motorcyclists.

The substantial growth in the use of motorized two-wheelers, particularly in low-income and middle-income countries, is being accompanied by an increase in the number of head and traumatic brain injuries.

In the past years, the number of registered motorcycles has increased dramatically.

Road traffic crashes, injuries and deaths involving motorcycles has also increased noticeably and is putting a
heavy burden on families, communities and the health system in general.

The majority of motorcycles in Kenya are used as taxis (Boda-bodas) which are emerging as an important
means of public transportation. However, they often operate in unsafe conditions.

Compared to car occupants, motorcycle riders and their passengers are relatively unprotected.

The likelihood of serious injury or death faced by motorcyclists is therefore higher than for other groups of users of motorized transport.

The relentless high number of motorcycle deaths deals a blow to safety campaigns and reforms aimed at making this mode of transport safer.

The NTSA and regional authorities have been enforcing the Motorcycle Regulations 2015, which are expected to help tame rogue cyclists.

Last year alone several cases death cases were reported countrywide.

Most of these deaths and accidents are brought about by the riders’ negligence, lack of obedience to traffic rules and in some cases, rogue drivers who don’t seem to obey other road users.

Watch the Magadi/Isinya accident below:

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