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Isiolo ‘Wife Killer’ arrested (Video)



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Police officers in Isiolo have arrested the key suspect in the murder of Celestine Nduku, a 26-year-old woman who was found dead in her house at Kambi ya Juu area last Sunday.

Eric Mutwiri Mwenda, who went into hiding after the incident, was arrested in Nanyuki where he was living with his cousin Earnest Kiburi, who was also taken into custody.

The arrest coincided with the day the late mother of two was being buried.

While welcoming the arrest, the family of the deceased hoped that Mwenda who was arrested several times before for assaulting Nduku will face consequences for his actions.

“Mungu amewezesha polisi kukamata yeye na tunataka hatua ichukuliwe,” said the deceased’s father.

Her brother, on his part, added: “Alishikwa mara ya kwanza vile alikuwa amempiga akaachiliwa akapanga njama akamuua sasa ameshikwa tena wacha tuone kama ataachiliwa ama tutapata haki.”

Celestine Nduku’s body was discovered by her two children in a pool of blood bearing several stab wounds.

The two suspects are set to be arraigned in court today.

The late Celestine Nduku who was murdered in Isiolo.

Early this year, a man who was on the run after setting his ex girlfriend on fire was arrested.

This is after he attempted suicide.

Officers drawn from the directorate of criminal investigations had to beg him to come down from the fifth floor of a building in Kayole as he threatened to jump and kill himself.

Kasarani murder suspect arrested after attempting suicide (Video)


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