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‘UDA better than village parties like ANC, Ford Kenya’-Ruto



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Deputy President William Ruto while being interviewed by Jalango today dismissed claims that the newly formulated UDA party is losing ground.

Ruto should be more forgiving to political detractors like Raila

Ruto added that UDA has more support base that ANC, Wiper and Ford Kenya combined.

“UDA cannot be compared to some village parties like ANC and Ford Kenya, we are a national movement,” he said.

UDA party headquarters.

While dismissing claims that UDA suffered a big loss in the just concluded by-election in Machakos, Kabuchai and Matungu, Ruto said UDA is not fielding candidates just to win but consolidate its support base.

RaoRuto alliance in the offing? (Video)

” Ford-K cannot win an election beyond Kabuchai and ANC is a party tied to Kakamega, so how do you compare some village entities with a party that is of national representation,” Ruto said.

The DP said the leadership of the two parties does not think outside their constituencies yet they want to become national leaders.

“At UDA, we don’t field candidates merely because we expect to win but because we want that support base.”

While drumming support for his hustler movement, Ruto said his main agenda is to rally Kenyans to appreciate the fact that every hustle matters.

“There is no job that is better than the other and as Kenyans, we must learn to embrace the little that we have to put food on the table. We must appreciate living with anything under any situation,” he said.

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