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Flaqo celebrates YouTube return with a new music(video)



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Popular Kenyan comedian Flaqo raz whose real name is Erastus Ayieko Otieno was a sad man in mid October after his YouTube channel was terminated over alleged copyright issues.

YouTube had concluded that the channel belonging to Flaqo had direct links to another one that had been disabled for having three copyright strikes.

The move left the star dejected having invested so much in creating content for his fans.

His content mainly revolves on the behavior of African parents and their families.

He has done wonders in impersonating a character, Baba Otis his wife Mama Otis and their son Otis

Flaqo playing the Baba Otis, Mama Otis and Otis role.


Prior to the termination of the channel, Flaqo had amassed close to 200k followers on YouTube.

What doesn’t kill you indeed makes you stronger, after some deliberations YouTube finally gave him back his channel.

Owing to his huge following on YouTube, the comedian immediately landed a Christmass promotion with Naivas supermarket where he has done several videos encouraging parents to shop with the supermarket.

Unknown to many, the star is a talented singer too and has been featured in a song dubbed Dayana alongside Classic Madini.

What a way to make a comeback!

Here is the full video;


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