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Former Tusker Project Fame star suffering in streets(Photos)



Former Tusker Project Fame star David Major is currently facing it rough in the streets of Nairobi.

The once celebrated star of a popular show across East Africa has severally been spotted in Mirema drive, Roysambu looking different from how most Kenyans used to see and know him.

David’s current situation.

Tusker Project Fame is a show that used to be watched by nearly everyone.

Nothing could beat the feeling of seeing contestants singing their lungs out.

Judge Ian was one individual who made the show more Fascinating with his tough judgements.

Like any other Kenyan celebrity, David Major was one star who most people looked up to.

His recent photos doing rounds on social media creates an image of a drug addict suffering to make it right in life.

In his prime days after the sixth edition of the show, the star lived a cool life hosting Karaokes in different high end joints in Nairobi.

David Major and friends during good days.

What befell the once top student of the celebrated show is still a mystery many are trying to unravel.

From a top star to a street boy, David Major lives in the streets with nothing to eat, no place to call home.

We pray the former tusker project fame gets help urgently because he still has a bright future.

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