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Men make that shit clear, shoot your shot! (Video)



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Men make that shit clear! Do you plan to sit around forever fawning over your crush? How well is that working out for you?

The longer you wait is the closer your window of opportunity gets to closing completely. The more reason you need to do it fast!

Okay, admittedly, this is a lot easier said than done. It’s one of those things where you just have to rip the band aid off and get it over with.

Knowing how to shoot your shot is an art and making the wrong step may ruin your chances forever.

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The phrase “shoot your shot’’ means the exact same thing as flirting or courting, but more aggressively.

In other words, you have to let your guards down, and go for it. Put caution to the wind and say exactly how you feel.

Let’s pretend you’re a basketball player. For your team to win, you must score more baskets than the other team.

You can dribble the ball all you want, but if you don’t shoot your shot, you’ll never score. Worse yet, there are other players on the other team trying to score as well.

Take the analogy above, try and apply it to your dating life. Chances are, you are not your crush’s only suitor. If you continue to dribble and never shoot your shot, someone else will, and they’ll win.

Shooting your shot is a great idea because people generally respect and admire a man that is confident.

It takes a special type of person to say exactly how they feel, and that’s a quality many women look for in a partner.

It’s an indication of what she can expect from a potential relationship with you.

You also save yourself wasted time and energy if she doesn’t feel the same way. Imagine executing an intricate plan to win her over, only to be rejected in the end?

If you don’t shoot your shot, or hesitate, you might miss out on a really great partner.

Even if she has similar feelings, you can’t expect her to wait around forever until you figure out how to shoot your shot.

Watch below Annita Raey’s video of why men should make things clear to women.


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