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Samidoh finally got back to his senses?



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Social media has been lit  this past weekend thanks to a viral video of Mugithi singer Samidoh soothing his son, the video was posted online by his baby mama Karen Nyamu.

What followed was a debate online with many users bashing the city politician for celebrating having a kid with a married man.

In a rejoinder the mother of two lectured her critics promising even more videos.

In number of posts shared via her Insta-stories, Ms Nyamu wondered why Netizens are bitter about her affair with the musician.

Karen Nyamu- ‘I’ll continue posting clips of Samidoh’ (Video)

Samidoh is married to Edday Kimani and together they have two children.

Days after Nyamu promised to continue posting clips of the singer, the father of three has come out to apologize to his wife and fans over the recent events.

He took to his Instagram page to explain the circumstances under which he sired a kid with the city politician.

“It is true I had a friendship with ms. Karen Nyamu and its this involvement that led to the birth of an innocent child whom i have and will always support both emotionally and materially.I am a proud father to my children.” Reads a part of the long post he did.

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