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Jogoo Road murders: Man died 24 hours after mother, son (Video)



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An autopsy conducted on the bodies of a man his girlfriend and her son who were found dead at a house in Jogoo road showed the man died 24 hours after the mother and son.

Chief Government Pathologist Johansen Odour conducted the autopsy at the Chiromo Mortuary, Nairobi yesterday.

Dr Odour said Cherop and her son had suffered injuries that indicated they could have been defending themselves from their killer.

The autopsy also revealed that the killer had attempted to suffocate Cherop and her son by covering their noses and mouths with a piece of cloth.

The minor also suffered injuries on his face and neck which are consistent with the struggle during the attempt to suffocate the boy.

He noted that the mother and son could have been dead for well over 24 hours before their bodies were discovered inside their house at Government quarters on Jogoo road.

Jogoo road crime scene.

The autopsy also established that Koech, 30, could have died a day after the mother and son.

This explanation by Dr Odour reinforces the theory that Koech could have killed the two and later committed suicide by exposing himself to the jiko-generated carbon monoxide.

32 year old man murdered by father over family feud

The pathologist said only the police can reveal how Koech ended up being bound on his legs and hands with electric cables.

“I concluded that the boy died of what is called smothering or lack of oxygen in the body and the same for the mother,” he said.

“As for the gentleman, I observed that he died of carbon monoxide poisoning,” Dr Odour said.


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