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How Ksh 20 million tender led to Caroline Wanjiku’s gruesome murder



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Detectives investigating the gruesome murder of 38-year-old Caroline Wanjiku now believe the motive behind her death was a Ksh 20 million tender  that was paid to her by a county government in the Eastern region.

Some of the suspects in custody have told police they were partners with Wanjiku in a construction firm that won a tender to construct a sidewalk in the county.

Deal gone sour or debt? new development on Caroline’s murder

They alleged she had been paid the money but failed to share with partners.

According to statements recorded by the suspects, there were four partners in the company including Wanjiku, another woman and two men.

It is Wanjiku who had apparently secured the tender but she sought the help of the other partners to loan her money for the project.

She did not have enough money to deliver, she promised to pay back the cash but reneged.

Under pressure, Wanjiku was informed she could make quick money through a loan from a Sacco.

Police are probing how a sh 20 million tender led to Wanjiku’s death.

She told one of her friends she wanted to boost her Sacco shares to enable her to get a threefold loan for her to pay some of the money she owed her partners after bagging the Ksh 20 million tender.

On the day she went missing on February 12, she withdrew Sh350,000 from a bank in Nairobi, before proceeding to meet one of the suspects in Ngara for a business deal.

Ahead of the meeting, Wanjiku called a female friend explaining the suspect was to guide her on how to boost her Sacco shares with the withdrawn amount.

“Once at Ngara, Wanjiku had been forced into a waiting black car, KCN 300D, make Toyota Crown, in which one of the suspects was waiting, before being handcuffed and sandwiched by the other named suspects,” the DCI said.

The suspects told police they expected her to come with more money but were disappointed to learn she had only Sh350,000.

From Ngara, they drove towards Museum Hill, Waiyaki Way, Naivasha Road and stopped in Gatina area, Kawangware.

All along, someone else was driving Wanjiku’s Toyota Axio car, which they abandoned in Kawangware.

The group then proceeded to Kajiado where they told police they tortured the woman before killing her.

Their movements were captured on security cameras along the roads they used.

Acting on forensic intelligence, the investigating team escorted two of the suspects to Paranai area in Kajiado.

Caroline’s Toyota Axio was dumped in Kawangware area, near Gatina Primary School a day after she went missing.

One of the suspect’s car, a Mercedes Benz, was also recovered from his home.

A post-mortem conducted on her body revealed her killers also used a blunt object to injure her left hip, hand and wrist.

The autopsy was done at the Kenyatta University Mortuary on Wednesday and attended by her family.

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