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‘The eviction party of the hustler mansion is nigh’-Murathe (Video)



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The eviction of Deputy President from his official Karen residence which he fondly refers to as the ‘hustlers mansion’ is loading.

Jubilee party vice chairperson David Murathe made the revelation last night during an interview on KTN.

Asked if the party would support the much hyped Ruto’s impeachment, the former Gatanga MP simply answered firmly ‘They have to go!’

In January last year, the Deputy President was blocked from accessing his official Mombasa residence.

DP Ruto was set to spend the night at the residence but was treated to a rude shock when his personal effects that had been lodged at the facility were hurriedly packed.

Report indicate that government employees at the residence had received instructions to remove Ruto’s personal effects from the house, a move which surprised DP Ruto’s team.

Ruto and allies and his ‘hustlers mansion’ where Murathe says the eviction is set

The DP was forced to look for alternative accommodation, settling for English Point Marina where he spent the night before returning to Nairobi the next day.

Ruto roasted by KOT as BBI Bill passes counties mark.

A source privy to the detail confirmed that “His clothes and other belongings had already been put in various rooms. It is essentially a home, and therefore his personal effects were in place that morning. Around 4 PM, a call came from a senior government official to government employees there that all DP’s personal effects should be removed. It was a shocker”.

The DP has been under fire recently being told to resign from government by his boss.


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