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Frankie is lucky, Corazon ni mali safi (Video)



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Frankie Gym It and Socialite cum lawyer Corazon Kwamboka trended top for sometime last year thanks to the online fight pitting Gym it and his baby mama Maureen Waititu.

Curvaceous Corazon Kwamboka leaves men drooling online (Photo)

Maureen has accused Frankie of being a dead beat dad.

Frankie and Corazon.

The two who dated for five years were blessed with two sons.

Maureen Waititu vows never to post her man online again(Video)

Corazon would join the debate after she was bashed by some quarters for allegedly ‘stealing’ Gym it from Maureen.

“Maureen and I had our differences, and it is not something we tried to fix once but throughout our relationship. We were not necessarily happy at that time. So we figured it was best for us to go our separate ways,” said Frankie.

He says he met Corazon after he had already broken up with the mother of his two children.

Maureen, on the other hand, did not, however, agree with Frankie as to when he and Kwamboka met. According to Waititu, the curvy socialite and her ex knew each other while they were still together and flirted without any consideration for her.

Corazon has been parading her flesh for all to see, from a birthday vacay with her man to posting raunchy photos, the lawyer has been giving men on social media sleepless nights.

Her latest video while in a gym, spoils it further….Indeed Frankie aliangukia mali safi.

Watch the video below;


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