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Businessman demolishes house he built for girlfriend (Video)



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Residents of Kamagugu in South Africa were shocked early today after a businessman decided to demolish a house he had constructed for his girlfriend.

The businessman called in an Excavator and TLB to demolish the house after his girlfriend broke up with him.

The incident sparked quite some reactions online with most netizens hailing the man for the action.

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“This should serve as an example to all women who lack ambition and relaxed coz the husband does everything. Women must learn to be independent. Those who believe “A man must do everything” will regret later. I have seen Relaxed woman going from hero to zero. The husband does everything. The day he gets mad at you. He will kick you out with nothing. Imagine going home to your parents home empty handed at age 45. You would have waited more than half of your life. Accept gifts because they are given out of love. What im saying is dont be too comfortable. This thing of saying “indoda must do everything will get you in trouble” some women even lose a mere wig during breakups.” A Twitter user by the name @attractor_13 opined.

Would you do the same if you were the man?

Watch the video below;


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