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Waiguru to Ruto- You can’t buy Kikuyus (Video)



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Kirinyaga County Governor, Anne Mumbi Waiguru, has congratulated Kirinyaga county MCAs for passing the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill.

Addressing journalists after Kirinyaga passed the bill on Tuesday, Waiguru alerted those who had thought that it would not be possible that the people “know what they want”.

Irungu Kang’ata mocked after Murang’a passes the BBI Bill

Governor Waiguru and DP Ruto at a past function.

“I’d like to congratulate Kirinyaga County assembly for passing the BBI Bill unanimously. We knew it was coming to benefit the people of Mt Kenya region and specifically Kirinyaga County. No one who knows the problems facing Kirinyaga could have opposed that Bill.

“A lot of the noise that happens out there and sometimes the thinking that we can be influenced by social media [has been proven wrong]. People have seen today that Mt Kenya has voted as a block. I said it before, I will say it again, you can rent a Kikuyu but you cannot buy a Kikuyu, they will still vote for their own people, they know what is good for the region,” Waiguru said.

Waiguru seemed to be warning Deputy President William Ruto, who was thinking that the Mt Kenya region will oppose the report that has the blessing of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

All mount Kenya counties have passed the BBI Bill.

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