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David Major finally leaves Rehab



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Former Tusker Project Fame contestant David Major has come out of rehabilitation. He was taken to rehab after his photos surfaced online in November 2020 showing him in the streets where he had made his home.

The once vibrant David Major was first spotted in Mirema drive Roysambu where locals said he spent his entire day drinking and later slept in the same street.

Former Tusker Project Fame star suffering in streets(Photos)

A woman named Margaret, was the first person to get in touch before his step-sister came.

David Major.

Singer and Comedian Alvan Gatitu had earlier on through a post on his Facebook page, requested anyone who had leads on how he could reach the former star.

“Does anyone know where I can find this guy? David Major.I’m driving around Kasarani looking for him.” read Ivan’s post.

After meeting him, the well wishers took him to hospital for check up.

David Major finally rescued from the street(Photos)

He left immediately for rehab but not without thanking everyone who stood by him.

“I’m here with my very close friends who have been my support system. Without you, I wouldn’t be looking like a decent human being as I do now. They are taking me to the next phase of this journey. I’ve left the hospital and I’m now headed to a rehab centre and it looks amazing. Thanks for having my back, thank you for thinking about me and for all your prayers, that is how we will all get through this. It has been a tough year but y ‘all came through and I love you guys,” David said

We wish him the very best as he starts a brand new life.

Former TPF contender David Major discharged from hospital, off to rehab (Video)

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