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Diana Marua set to be gifted a chopper



Bahati kenya

Diana Marua and gospel singer Bahati have been the talk of town for the past one month. Perfect couple so to say.

From buying her one of the latest Mercedes in town to taking her for vacation in Zanzibar, the couple seems to be living a life of their dreams. Diana Marua first met Bahati for a music video shoot where she was a vixen. One thing led to the other and eventually the two became an item.

Their relationship has not been rosy either from trolls mostly coming from netizens who view their current status as one that is after clout chasing.

Diana Marua, bahati and the new car

Bahati has proved to be in love with the mother of her two kids, going to an extent of buying her a car, pieces of land as tokens of appreciation for the five years the two have been together. The gospel star now promises to get Diana Marua a chopper during their tenth anniversary celebrations.

The revelation was made via his facebook page. Kenyans are waiting to see if indeed it will come true or the statement is just one normal one most celebrities pull for clout.

Here is the message he did.

“On Our 5th Anniversary I Hired a Chopper for My Wife…. On the 10th Anniversary I will Buy a Chopper for My Wife 😍🎁❤ OH HELP ME GOD 🙏

Diana Marua and Bahati on vacation.

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