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Mange Kimambi blasts Vera for dating little broke Mauzo



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Mange Kimambi is a socialite turned activist who before jumping to prominence as an activist was in her own right a well-known blogger who was known for bringing little known details and gossips about celebrities and prominent people in Tanzania and the diaspora.

In 2015, Kimambi was projected into the political scene after the ruling party CCM decided to use influencers during the campaign, among them Mange Kimambi, to publicize and ‘push’ its presidential candidate John Pombe Magufuli.

This was deemed necessary as the opposition party fielded the popular Edward Lowassa who had moved from CCM to the main opposition party CHADEMA which had a huge youth following.

Mange Kimambi.

She aptly used Instagram to post videos from the campaign trail, praising candidate Magufuli, ridiculing Lowassa and making support for Magufuli a fun game like the push up challenge after CCM presidential candidate Magufuli did a few push up presses to prove his physical fitness.

Known for her carefree attitude, Kimambi has gone bare knuckles on socialite Vera Sidika and his lover brown Mauzo.

Vera sidika’s steamy valentine’s date with Mauzo (Video)

She commented on one of Vera’s Instagram post wondering why the voluptuous Vera has decided to settle on one little broke Brown Mauzo.

“Yani tako kama hilo linachezewa na viserengeti boys?” Reads a part of her comment.

See the full comment below;





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