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‘It’s time Miguna Miguna came back to Kenya’-KOT



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Kenyans on Twitter believe it’s time exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna came back to Kenya after he was deported to Canada early 2018.

The Kenyan born lawyer has been trending since morning owing to the appointment of Kenyan-American Mwende Mwinzi as Kenyan ambassador to South Korea.

Mwende had apparently been rejected by parliament during her vetting.

Kenyans on Twitter are so bitter about the appointment and want the government to immediately allow Miguna back to the country.

Miguna Miguna was deported by the government on 26 March, 2018, just two months after he and other lawyers swore in opposition leader Raila Odinga as the “People’s President” following the two 2017 presidential elections.

This was Miguna’s second exile. He fled the country in 1987 after being detained for his activities as a student leader.

He was granted political asylum by Canada the next year, and returned to Kenya to participate in the 2007 elections, before being appointed as an adviser to opposition leader Raila Odinga after the latter became prime minister.

Miguna and Odinga have have had a fraught relationship.

KOT believes it’s time Miguna came back to Kenya.

They fell out midway into the 2008-2012 term, and Miguna went on to write memoirs about his time working for Odinga.

The subject of Miguna’s citizenship first came up in 2010; Kenyan law at the time did not recognise dual citizenship, and President Kibaki’s supporters insisted he needed a work permit to work in the country.

“While Mr Miguna Miguna was born in Kenya, he has since become a citizen of Canada. Like all other expatriates working in the country, our laws require that Mr Miguna apply for and obtain the relevant permits to live and work in Kenya,” members of the then ruling party wrote in a letter at the time.

After a fallout during the 2013 elections, where Miguna supported Kenyatta’s candidacy, he and Odinga closed ranks again in 2017.

Miguna was a candidate for governor of Nairobi, and was renowned for being abrasive, and brutally honest, during debates and media interviews.

While running as an independent (Odinga’s candidate was the incumbent, Evans Kidero, who lost the election), Miguna and Odinga worked together in the aftermath of the first presidential elections in August 2017.

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