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Omosh explains how he became broke (Video)



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Former Tahidi High actor, Joseph Kinuthia alias Omosh has seen his life make a complete turn around ever since a video of him crying out for help went viral.

The entire country got concerned after Omosh’s plight was highlighted with most people wondering where it all went wrong, given that he had an illustrious acting career for years.

The talented actor was hosted by Jalang’o on Jalang’o TV where he narrated his story.

So how did he actually get broke?

Comedian Jalang’o comes to the rescue of Omosh Tahidi high

“When we were acting on Tahidi high money was flowing and after doing two episodes I would get Sh40,000.

The same money I would use for my kids’ school fees and other needs.” Omosh said.

“Before Corona I had saved sh140,000 from the events which I had made from mentorship jobs . The problem is I used to drink a lot knowing that I had gigs lined up for me and that is what messed me up.” He added.

After receiving an overwhelming support from strangers and prominent people in the country, the father of five has  vowed to never go back to the hole he was in.

“I asked God to give me a chance and if I waste it I am going straight to the grave.”

Omosh who revealed that he was once admitted in a rehabilitation center has revealed that he has quit alcohol, gone back to Church and plans to become a pastor in an year’s time.

Check out the full interview on Jalang’o TV.


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