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‘It won’t be easy for Uhuru to dump me’- Ruto (Video)



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Deputy President William Ruto​ has told President Uhuru​ Kenyatta it won’t be that easy to get rid of him, saying he was invested in the jubilee government.

Ruto, who spoke in Nyandarua, says President Kenyatta’s new friends are not as loyal as he has been.

“Some of these guys lecturing us now have never supported President Kenyatta! No one has been loyal to the president than me.”

The sentiments coming days after the head of state asked his deputy to resign instead of double speak about the government that he is part and parcel of.

President Uhuru and DP Ruto at Gusii stadium during Nyachae’s funeral ceremony today.

the Head of State launched a scathing attack on his deputy, saying if he (Ruto) has problems with the government, then he is at liberty to resign.

The President told off Dr. Ruto accusing him of doublespeak to divide Kenyans for selfish gains.

President Kenyatta dares his deputy Ruto to resign (Video)

He said the Government’s focus is the unity and development of the country.

“Hakuna haja ya kuincite wakenya wenyewe kwa wenyewe. Unakuja unasema kwa mdomo moja serikali ni mbaya alafu kwa mdomo mwingine ati tumefanya kama serikali. Kwani serikali ni ngapi? Si ni moja? Kama unataka uzuri wake ukae nayo, kama unataja ubaya wake toka uwache wale wengine waendelee,” he said.

He continued: “Lakini huwezi kuja na mdomo moja unasema hii na mdomo mwingine unasema matusi ya wale ambao unasema unafanya na wao. Tuheshimiane jameni.”

The President was speaking to residents of Kabete in Kiambu County when he opened the Uthiru-Muthua Health Centre and Muthua Community Water Supply Project.

Watch Ruto’s speech below where he tells Uhuru how it won’t be easy to get rid of him


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