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Comedian Jalang’o comes to the rescue of Omosh Tahidi high



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Comedian Jalang’o has come to the rescue of former Tahidi high actor Kamau Kinuthia alias Omosh days after the thespian broke into tears while appealing to Kenyans to help him get a job opportunity or start a business.

On the same day the video went viral, Jalang’o promised to help Omosh raise over a million bob and going by his latest post on Instagram, Omosh could soon be smiling all the way to the bank.

Omosh Tahidi high going through hell in life (Video)

“I just want a job, even if I will be getting Ksh200 a day. I don’t mind about class and even if someone decides to start a hotel business where I can sell uji and tea, I am okay with that,” he stated.

“Tahidi ilipofungwa, friends na neighbours ndio wameniweka. I have nothing to do. Umewahi kukaa pekee yako kwa barabara unatembea unalia. That’s what I do. Natokanga kwa nyumba nang’ara na hakuna mahali ninaenda. One year, sijalipa house rent. Sina anything. Sometimes, natoka nje, napray na nalia tu. Naambia Mungu, kwani Mungu uliniwacha? Kwani Mungu ulinisahau? God has been grateful. Sijawahi kukosa lunch, breakfast ama supper.” He said during the interview.

Comedian Jalang’o.

Below is the post comedian Jalang’o did yesterday;

Hii story ya Omosh Nataka tumalize mapema on Tuesday… I have a few friends that have promised me that all will be fine.
1. My guys from @safvicfurnitureenterprises are giving me a bed, seats and a Tv table
2. My Guys from @quickmartkenya are giving me a 20k shopping voucher for him and his family
3. Incoming senator Tranzoia county @allanchesang is giving me 100K
4. My able chairman @jamal_rohosafi is also giving me 100k
5. Omosh ako na madeni rent yake watu wa @mwananchi_creditltd wamesema they will clear that is 100k
6. I called my brother @joho_001 akasema from that 1million for 1 million followers atatoa 100k
7. My team from Chandaria led by my boss @darshanchandaria amesema 100k yake nichukue kesho jioni
8. The real boss himself who made us who we are Ww…Waruru wachira! Boss himself has promised me another 100k
7. Team Miale @mialle72 have said that 50k will not be bad
8. #JengaNaAlexNaJalas @alex_na_jalas 50k
9. My guy called Titan from @jamexexpress has promised me 50k
10. The best sauce in town @kensauceofficial wamesema 100k is fine!
11. @trippygotours Nakujia 50k kesho
12. My guys from the best biscuit @yegobakers wamesema kesho nipitie nichukue 50k haraka saana

13.@adansonko …my brother is giving me 50k
14. SOMALI BAE @honalinur 50k.

Here is the interview where Omosh laid bare his plight to Kenyans.

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