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Lawyer Cliff Ombeta hospitalized after an attack



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Lawyer Cliff Ombeta has been hospitalized at Nairobi hospital after a cholesterol attack. He revealed the news via his Twitter handle.

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Cliff Ombeta is known far and wide when it comes to matters of law in Kenya.

He is fondly called “Cliff,’ and he is among the toughest criminal lawyers that come in handy at your time of need.

He is known to fight against all odds to ensure his clients get due justice.

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Cliff Ombeta is a lawyer who does not stand on the sidelines regarding representing his clients.

Many people have wondered why he does that and would want to know what pushes him to go the extra mile.

He was born in Kenya’s western region and is a Kisii by tribe. He has kept his life private, and little is known about his family.

The book Rage of Angels authored by Sidney Sheldon, ignited the interest of Ombeta to become a lawyer.

Lawyer Cliff Ombeta.

The book inspired him to be a criminal lawyer. His criminal law career started in 1995 after his graduation from The University of Nairobi. He has a stand of representing crimes that do not involve sexual assault and rape.

Cliff Ombeta law firm is named Ombeta and Associates Law firm.

We wish him a quicker recovery

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