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President Kenyatta dares his deputy Ruto to resign (Video)



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President Kenyatta has dared his deputy William Ruto to resign instead of criticising government from within.

The President was speaking in thiru after opening a level 3 health centre and community water project in the area.

“Kwani serikali ni ngapi…..mnajua serikali ngapi Kenya hii…Kama unataja ubaya wake , basi toka.” He said.

This was an attack to his deputy who has in the recent days blamed Raila Odinga and his handshake for being behind the ruling party’s woes and inability to deliver its promises to Kenyans.

After the controversial fresh presidential election on October 26, 2017, the two political brothers looked set to finish their second term the way they started the first: as a formidable team of like-minded captains, with the lead captain passing the baton to his comrade once his term expires.

Then came the March 9 2018 handshake!

President Kenyatta in Uthiru today.

But that today is a dream: the waters have been poisoned and the former buddies are no longer swimming in the same direction, leave alone swimming in the same waters.

The breakdown of the alliance has all the hallmarks of betrayal, brinkmanship, deception, fraud, and subterfuge.

Jubilee Party mandarins did not see the break-up coming; if they did, they all pretended they were not aware of the imploding scenario.

The ruling party is now a house of two diametrically opposed camps led by their respective protagonists:

DP Ruto team seeking US help over his security (Video)

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who coalesces around the Kieleweke (it shall soon be evident) camp and William Ruto, who is spearheading the Tanga Tanga (roaming) team.

“We can no longer pretend that the current war being waged against William Ruto is not from within and therefore not from friends, or people he had presumed were his political friends,” said a Ruto confidante.

Will the center hold until 2022?



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