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Tanzania Covid treatment that has shocked the world (Video)



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Ever since Tanzania President John Magufuli endorsed inhaling steam to prevent coronavirus, some have flocked to shops selling steam machines – even though health experts say there is no evidence the method has any impact on COVID-19.

Two months ago, the Tanzanian leader suggested inhaling steam could be a coronavirus treatment.

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Magufuli said, “The Ministry of Health should continue to clarify how inhaling steam helps to contain the coronavirus,” he says, adding that If those viruses are in the nose or mouth, they will melt when the temperature reaches above 100 degrees centigrade.”

But health experts warn there is no evidence steam protects anyone from the coronavirus, adding that inhaling steam could even cause health problems.

On 3 May, last year the Tanzania head of state triggered global conspiracy theories after he said fruits and inanimate objects he had had secretly sent to the East African nation’s main lab had come back positive for COVID-19.

Since then, one of its southern neighbors, Zambia, has shut down its border with the country.

Zambian President Edgar Lungu’s decision to close his country’s border with Tanzania suggests the shared apprehension over Tanzania’s COVID-19 response, or lack thereof, could trigger coordinated action by regional leaders.

Watch the video below;


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