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Moral decay gone top notch (Video)



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Moral can be depicted as pertaining to good manner or the distinction between right or wrong behavior.

Its synonyms include righteous, just, virtuous, and good while decay is the gradual destruction of a society, an institution, a system.

From that, definition of moral decay relevant to this article can be identified as perish of the moral values or fading of the righteous deeds or moral decline.

The notion that money makes the world go round seems to be taking the better of many youth in urban Kenya.

These young people, driven by the belief that ‘the end justifies the means’, use any available opportunity to make their tonnes of money.

So what do we get?

Prostitutes call themselves ‘Divas’ and ‘Socialites’ and criminals kidnappers, carjackers, drug traffickers, extortionists, terrorists refer to themselves as entrepreneurs. And they are all unapologetic about what they do.

Moral decay can obviously be perceived in this era.

Current statistics which illustrate a part of the moral decay among teens at present shows that we are going to be downgraded and if this problem is not resolved, we will lose our future leaders to rule and handle this world with justice and good manner.

Top notch courage or dry spell gone berserk? (watch)

Sad enough, grown ups who are meant to guide the youth towards a morally upright lives have also joined the bandwagon, in fact they’re worse!

While there is no denying that the world is moving on in all areas of life and regarding long standing African norms and traditions as having lost touch, the relative values being generated are tearing Kenya’s social fabric apart.

A video has gone viral of a Kenyan woman, old enough to be a grandmother glorifying prostitution.

Where are heading to as a society?

Socialite is more than fat *ss and empty skull (Video)

Watch this nasty video below;




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