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How I was introduced to lesbianism-Shakilla (Video)



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Socialite Shakilla has revealed how she was introduced into lesbianism at a very tender age. The controversial Socialite has been making headlines for all the wrongs possible for sometime now.

In an interview on Radio Jambo, Shakilla said that she was introduced into lesbianism by her friend while atLimuru high school.

She claims that when she first joined high school, she was approached by a girl, who ignited her intentions by asking for friendship.

”Nikiwa Limuru Girls, kulikuwa na tashwishwi huku na huko… Mambo ya waschana bwenini, vikundi vya wasichana. Nilikuwa suspended mara mbili… Kwa hicho kikundi, nakumbuka kulikuwa na mschana mmoja ambaye anaitwa Isha. Uyu Isha alikuwa lesbian, alikuwa yaani anapenda waschana… Tulikuwa kidato cha pili. Sasa akaja siku moja pahali ambapo nalala akaja kuniambia, oh, Shakilla, nataka tukuwe marafiki… Kila wakati alikuwa ananifuata. Tukienda ku swim changing room alikuwa ananifuata…” She said.

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Asked how it felt, Shakilla said the only activity she got engaged in was kissing and it wasn’t different from the normal kissing between members of different sex.

Shakilla has revealed how she joined lesbianism.

She admits however that her parents later knew about it.

She adds that they never scolded her over the behavior.

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The controversial came into the public limelight after she released a list of Kenyan celebrities she had allegedly banged.

Watch the full interview below;




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