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Governor Kinyanjui, Mp Moses Kuria in ugly public spat (Video)



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Nakuru Governor Kinyajui Lee expressed his displeasure with Gatundu MP Moses Kuria’s statement during the burial of the late vernacular musician Mighty Salim yesterday

Moses Kuria, who spoke a few minutes before the governor, bashed the governor stating that he had given up on the current government’s ability to help musicians improve their livelihoods, and urged them to wait for the next administration.

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“We have tried in vain so give us an opportunity to do it in the next hustler government which is just 1 year and a few months away,” he stated, adding that aged musicians deserved free NHIF cover.

He also criticized ODM leader Raila Odinga, claiming he was responsible for the failures of the Jubilee government for distracting President Uhuru Kenyatta with the Building Bridges Initiative.

“I like listening to Moses Kuria because he is an entertainer but leadership and entertainment are not the same,” the governor started his onslaught.

He questioned why the residents were being rallied to reject the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) yet the increased allocation to counties would help increase bursary awards up to Ksh 50,000 per student.

“It is too early to start asking people whether they support the BBI or not. When it is discussed by the county assemblies, Kenyans will be asked to support or reject the document. You cannot serve an exam before teaching students. Once public education is done, then Moses Kuria can come and ask whether you support it or not,” Governor Lee stated.

Governor Kinyajui Lee.

He appreciated the MP’s concern for the musicians’ welfare but challenged him to do more than just speak at funerals and rallies.

“I have not heard Moses Kuria protecting musicians’ livelihoods in Parliament where budgets and other policies are made. So Moses Kuria should not be perceived to be helping artists during funerals alone, he should represent their interests at the level where decisions are made.”

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“Have you ever heard him speak about it in the National Assembly? If at all he has no hope in this government, let him resign and wait for the next administration. If you are serious and man enough, resign!” the governor dared.

Watch the video below;


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