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Who are your friends behind your back? (Video)



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Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between people. It is a stronger form of interpersonal bond but come to think of it, Who are your friends behind your back?

It’s been my experience people, in general, will gossip about everyone else to one degree or another.

The question in my opinion is… 1) How mean spirited is it? 2) Does it have any merit?

The mean spirited gossiping are the people that are ripping into superficial items about a person, like the clothes they wear, their looks, etc.

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This is meant to tear a person down and make the people gossiping feel good about themselves.

It’s an emotional maturity thing. If this is the case, then those people aren’t really your friends, and I would limit your dealing with them because chances are they’re never going to change anytime soon.

The second option are the people that are gossiping behind someone’s back over their poor behavior.

If individuals behave poorly, people will judge them, and then talk about them.

Like if you lose a job because you were out partying, or if you were caught cheating on your wife.

Who are your friends behind your back?

Of course it’s a mixture of things but the people that gossip here do it in part because they are shocked to see a peer behaving like that, and partially because they are concerned where their behavior will go.

I guess the thing I would recommend is assess what’s being said and honestly decide if it has any merit. If it’s just mean spirited gossiping, then dump them as friends.

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If what they’re saying isn’t so much gossiping as them just being brutally honesty then maybe look at yourself to see if you can change yourself.

Jalango has today had a conversation that I’ll give a title Who are your friends behind your back? and it clearly came out in his early morning discussion that few of the people you call your friends are actually your friends.

Are you that friend who backstabs people you call your friends, or are you one who’ll go an extra mile to defend your friend/s even in their absence?

Watch the video below.

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