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From abroad with hope for Turkana green farms (Photos)



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Raychelle Ngina a young Kenyan woman came from abroad with much hope for Turkana county’s green farms.

Ngina in 2018 secured an internship in Israel, Arava Desert.

She says she was so surprised to see the Israelis producing food and even exporting the excess, yet their land is too dry.

According to her, not even the wild shrubs survives in the country because of the hot climate. The country even imports soil.

Her first weeks were so bad, it felt like she was being roasted, frequently battling headaches.

Her stay ensured she got experience in production of onions, pumpkins, garlic, dates, grapes, pomelos, mangoes and the like.

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Something rung in her mind, If Israelis could produce in such a harsh environment, Why then were her own Turkana people dying of hunger yet their climatic conditions were not as bad as compared to Israel? This was the beginning of her journey.

When she finally jetted back home, she was so determined to go to Turkana and bring the change.

She had learnt that the only way to deal with food insecurity in her county was not to give people ready made food, but teach them how to produce their own food.

Ngina took the challenge and volunteered at Furrows In the Desert-Turkana for 6 months as a trainer, she trained the people of Turkana about drip irrigation, most of her trainees had never seen anything growing.

It was their first time to see seeds, and planting anything.

Today, she is proud that after 6 months, her trainees were fully equipped with skills on production of their own food from nursery establishments, land preparation, transplanting, Pest control, harvesting, and post harvest handling.

Those in Lobur, Kibish, Lodwar, Maisa, Katangon, Nariakotome, etc are healthy and happy, their kids have access to fresh fruit, vegetables and cereals.

See the photos below.

From abroad with hope for Turkana green farms.

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