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Kasarani murder suspect arrested after attempting suicide (Video)



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The Kasarani Murder suspect who was on the run after setting his ex girlfriend on fire last week has finally been arrested. This is after he attempted suicide.

Officers drawn from the directorate of criminal investigations had to beg him to come down from the fifth floor of a building in Kayole as he threatened to jump and kill himself.

The man identified as Charles Oluenyi committed the heinous act in Kasarani Mwiki.

Margaret Muchemi, a resident of Njiru in Kasarani Sub-County, had invited her estranged boyfriend to her home to “iron out their differences”.

Muchemi, who had medical training, operated a private clinic in Mwiki, Nairobi

The suspect, who was carrying a backpack, arrived at the deceased’s home at around 8am Thursday, Muchemi’s two house-helps, Damaris Mwihaki and Zainab Naila, told K24 Digital.

“We offered him tea, but he said he was okay. All through, he cut a figure of a quiet and disturbed man,” said the nannies.

After a while, Muchemi, a 34-year-old mother of one (a 4-year-old son), asked Mwihaki and Naila to both go buy meat at a nearby butcher’s shop.

“She told us she would pay via M-Pesa,” said Mwihaki.

“When we reached the butcher’s shop and ordered meat costing Ksh500, we called our employer and asked her to send the money, but she said she hadn’t loaded cash to her M-Pesa wallet. Consequently, we left the meat and returned home,” said Mwihaki.

“Upon arrival, Muchemi, who was visibly irritated, asked us why we couldn’t let her talk in private with her boyfriend. She, thereafter, gave us Ksh500 and told us to go buy the meat and hang around until she was ready to have us back in the house.

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“Hours passed by, and we hadn’t received a call from her. One of us (nannies) called and told her that we were hungry, and wanted to go back home and eat. Muchemi, whose intention was to keep us out longer, sent us money and said we should eat at any nearby restaurant,” said the other house-help, Naila.

Slain Kasarani clinician.

The nannies said while having their meals, one of their neighbours called and informed them that their house was on fire.

“We rushed home and found smoke billowing from our boss’s bedroom. Neighbours had attempted to put out the fire. On accessing our employer’s room, we found her arms and legs tied to the bed, and her body charred by the flames. Her face was completely destroyed by the fire. Her estranged lover, was nowhere to be seen,” said Naila.

After a spirited effort by the neighbors, the inferno was contained.

Mwihaki claims on Wednesday night she heard her boss speaking with her lawyer on phone saying that her (Muchemi’s) estranged boyfriend was demanding Ksh37,000 which he had lent her.

“She said the man had threatened to come collect the money today (Thursday, January 21),” said Mwihaki.

It remains unclear whether the suspect allegedly killed Muchemi over the debt or it was a case of love gone sour.

Here is the video of the man trying to commit suicide.

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