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“B-Club not loud ” says Kilimani residents..



Photo credit - B-Club

We’ve all heard jaw-dropping stories about this high-end club since it opened its doors. It’s a different kind of vibe; the club where the money isn’t an issue. An entertainment joint where patrons’ dress code and manners are the gate pass. The parking lot of the club looks like a showroom for luxury vehicles. Yes, that Billion Club.

Lately, there have been allegations that the club is a little too loud. At some point last year, a lobby group moved to the court to shut it down for reasons best known to them. One of the main reasons cited was noise pollution.

Bclub Nairobi

Beautiful girls parting at B-club

If you have been anywhere near B-Club, you know that it prides itself on giving top-notch services and products. The red carpet at the entrance, the only Tron bike in Kenya that’s been valued at up to Kshs 50 million, the all-white interiors, the diamond-shaped DJ booth; name anything extravagant, B-Club got it. The club’s interior is so tastefully done, one of the aspects being soundproofing. This club spared no expense to get the best in the market. This is why it sounds far-fetched that the club would be accused of noise pollution.

But let’s indulge the Kilimani Project Foundation and the Kilimani Residents Association for a minute. Now, assuming that the club was indeed as noisy as they allege, what would be the best thing to do? If indeed all they wanted was a quiet neighborhood, they’d ask the authorities to make sure that the club is compliant, no?

But here is the issue; the association wants the club shut down. SHUT DOWN. Permanently.

What could be the motivation behind this?

B-Club has all the approvals and licenses in place from all the relevant authorities. All these government establishments have visited the club severally on scheduled and random inspection missions and did not find it wanting. These licenses, approvals, and other business documentation, including those from NEMA, are available for scrutiny.

Apart from being duly licensed, the club employs tens of people directly and thousands indirectly. As an industry player, the club supports several sectors such as manufacturing, food and beverage, and transport.

Now, back to KPF and KRA. What is the real motivation behind pushing for the club’s permanent closure? Your guess is as good as mine.

Does the association represent the opinions of all members of the estate? The answer is no. The association represents only a section of the residents. Do the opinions of the rest of Kilimani residents matter? They should. A good number of Kilimani residents are even patrons of B-Club.

Have you ever patronized B-Club?

Should the club be given a fair chance to rectify all the issues brought to the management’s attention or should it be permanently closed down?

What are your thoughts on this?

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