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Pre-Valentines challenge: Eric Omondi and Shakilla (Video)



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Comedian Eric Omondi and controversial socialite Shakilla have a new challenge dubbed Pre-Valentines. The comedian posted it on his Instagram page and his followers seemed fascinated by it.

In the video, Eric holds a wine glass with his lips, slants a bit resting his back on shakilla, with the socialite bending to sip the wine inside the glass.

The challenge however doesn’t end well as some of the wine in the glass pours on Shakilla bringing it to an abrupt end.

The socialite and Eric have been so ‘close’ ever since the wife material show.

Eric has since revealed that the show was choreographed.

Wife Material was a choreographed and scripted entertainment show-Eric Omondi

Eric, Kenya’s most ripped bachelor, announced in November last year that he was looking for the perfect wife because he was ready to settle down.

For this new reality show, Eric managed to pick 9 of the hottest eligible bachelorettes in the country and stuck them all into one house to fight it out for his heart.

Kenyans were subjected to a voting process in late December and Carol Kamweru of Band Beca emerged victorious.

Shakilla would later shock the nation after he alleged that she was pregnant with the comedian’s child.

The socialite through a video on her Instagram handle congratulated Carol of Band Beca who won the contest.

Eric Omondi and Shakilla have a Pre-Valentines challenge.

She added that she might have lost Eric but the two had developed such a strong bond and thus she wouldn’t allow her new born baby to be raised in the streets.

Eric takes Shakilla for Dinner after visiting the hospital, has he started cheating on Carol? (watch)

Here is the caption she did on the video.

Congratulations to the new wife of ERIC OMONDI I wish you the best take care of him for me but we all know I won’t allow my baby with him to be raised on the streets🛑🛑 LET THE GAMES OFFICIALLY BEGIN NO HOLDING BACK TRYING TO BE A GOOD ASS BITCH

Watch their latest video below.

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