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Mr Six months!: Raila answers DP William Ruto



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Mr Six months! A famous line associated with DP William Ruto has come back to haunt him after ODM boss Raila Odinga responded to his sentiments yesterday that he(Raila) was to blame for the failures of Jubilee administration.

The ODM boss has bashed the Deputy President over his past development promises that are yet to materialize.

He posted Ruto’s video at his residence in Karen with a caption that read;

“Mr Six months! The youngsters you promised laptops 8 yrs ago are now old enough to see through your LIES. The youth you promised 8 million jobs in 8 yrs can see through the WHEELBARROW lie you are now peddling. It has been 8 yrs Mr 6 months and not 3yrs. No Mr 6 months!”

The Deputy President while meeting with with the Members of County Assembly from Mandera County led by Majority Leader Abdi Adan Ali at his Karen residence accused Raila of being behind the woes of Jubilee administration.

DP William Ruto:Raila to blame for Jubilee failures (video)

“You must bear the consequences for the derailment of Jubilee’s development agenda. You cannot point fingers at others,” he said.

The DP further asked politicians not to criminalize discussions about the needs and aspirations of ordinary Kenyans.

He said it was time the national conversation centered around the empowerment of the people at the bottom of the wealth pyramid.

While defending his ‘hustler nation’ narrative, Ruto said the hustler conversation was not meant to divide Kenyans but to highlight and address the plight of poor Kenyans.

“The discussion we are having about hustler nation is not a discussion about the rich and the poor, it is about getting everybody to the table and ensure everybody counts,” he said.

Raila and Ruto.

“How is it a discussion that is dividing people if we are saying let us also have a discussion about the ordinary people of Kenya?” he posed.

He said for far too long the national conversation had been about leaders and positions of power at the expense of the needs of the ordinary people.

David Murathe: DP Ruto will soon lose his seat

Here is Raila’s response to Ruto.

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