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Chinese Government confiscates Kenyan’s passports and forces them into quarantine. (VIDEO)



Chinese Government confiscates Kenyan’s passports and forces them into quarantine. (VIDEO)
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Kenyans in China have raised concerns after the Chinese government forcefully quarantined them and have their passports confiscated.

In the past few days, Kenyans in china were seeking a way to evacuate the country following the recent mistreatment of Africans living in Chinese cities.

The situation for Africans who were tossed out on the street by their landlords, local officials, and hotels have slightly improved after the Chinese government offered them free food.

According to a narration by a Kenyan lady in china. The Chinese government tricked them into surrendering their passports.

“So currently, I’m quarantined in my house, but I tested negative for the Coronavirus.”

“The reason why I’m in quarantine even after I tested negative is that a group of us Kenyans had agreed to go to Beijing to the Kenyan embassy.”

“We wanted to be evacuated and go back home, and the police got information about it, and they called each and everyone who wanted to go to Beijing.”

“Once they called us, they came to our houses and took our passports, and we got tested for the Coronavirus and most tested negative.”

The 29-year-old disclosed that, according to the police, they got quarantined because they planned a trip to Beijing, and it’s terrible for the image of China.

She was surprised by how the Chinese government found out about their trip to Beijing, and yet it was a secret.

We asked the Kenyan embassy if they had told the police to come to our houses to stop us from going to Beijing, but they said they had nothing to do with that.

According to reports from other sources, most Africans got evicted from hotels due to expired visas. However, according to our source, not all had expired travel documents. She added that even if that was the case, it did not serve as an excuse to mistreat Africans in the country.

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