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Landlord waves rent and donate food to tenants.



Not all heroes wear capes — Landlord waves rent and donate food to tenants.
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Not all heroes wear capes — A landlord has been hailed a hero after his act of kindness touched the hearts of many Kenyans.

Michael Munene, a landlord from Nyandarua county, has warmed the hearts of Kenyans after he waved two-month rent and donated food items to his tenants in a bid to cushion them during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The heaven-sent landlord chose to lose Ksh 228,000 in rental income to offer support to his tenants who were going through a difficult time.

“Most of my tenants work on flower farms, and I heard that some could lose their jobs soon, I looked at the situation and decided to waive the rent for two months.”

“Following the coronavirus outbreak, it is evident that the economy has taken a beating. Kenyans are struggling to raise money for survival, my tenants are usually very loyal, and most of them settle their rent on time.”

“I reflected on the current situation, and told myself: ‘Even if none has ever absconded paying house rent, I understand that the coronavirus outbreak could make it difficult for some to raise the rent on time.'”

“I wouldn’t want a situation where any of my tenants takes a loan to settle house rent,” he stated.

Many Kenyans are going through a hard time, not just because of the fear of contracting the new coronavirus, but also the crushing blow the pandemic have on our economy.

According to Munene’s tenants, this is not his first act of kindness. One of the tenants disclosed that her landlord is an understanding person and never ignores the pleas of his tenants.

On some occasions, Mr. Munene allows his tenants to stay with accrued bills until they can offset. 

“Michael is a very understanding person. I have had neighbors who were having hard times clearing their rent, but once they explained their situation, he let them stay,” stated Mercy.

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