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Raila Junior Rebuked Following His Remarks on Deputy President.



A section of Kenyans has rebuked Raila Junior after he criticized Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday, April 18.
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A section of Kenyans has rebuked Raila Junior after he criticized Deputy President William Ruto on Saturday, April 18.

In a tweet that has received a lot of reaction, Raila Junior posted a photo of The Standard Newspaper front page with a caption, “Kitendawili… Anakula lakini hashibi.”

The Standard Newspaper publication alleged that Ruto had utterly lost his connection with the head of state and that his office had lost its power.

“He’s loudly absent in times of crisis. Cabinet secretaries are ignoring his calls, and security agencies have no time for him. Ruto is lonely in government,” the publication stated.

A section of Kenyans on twitter hit back at Raila junior and criticized his father’s attempt at the country’s top seat. He was also rebuked for picking up a fight with elders.

“Starting on the wrong foot Junior. Don’t participate in the battles of your elders, and your future is bleak!” Susan remarked.

“Junior thinks Baba will be by his side forever. The boy has refused to explore unchartered territories,” Roan Birgen stated.

“For you to be relevant, you have to use your father’s name,” Geoffrey stated.

Kenyans on twitter went ahead and compared Raila Junior and DP’s son Nick Ruto arguing that Nick never openly criticized Raila.

“Don’t be like your dad, please, say something different, but leave Ruto alone,” Ken Onyango stated.

“Kitendawili? He has lost six times but is yet to concede defeat,” Cathy added.

Netizens criticized The Standard Newspaper for allegedly attacking the DP and tarnishing his name.

Members of the public from Eldoret posted a video online setting the newspaper on fire and issuing a warning to Standard and Gideon that Uasin Gishu is a no go zone for them if they keep attacking DP Ruto.

“We, as residents of Eldoret, strongly condemn news channeled by the Standard about DP William Ruto. We urge the DP to stay strong and not to be bothered by these reports,

“We ask residents of Rift Valley to avoid reading these reports,” one of the men in the video stated. 

Eldoret residents argued that there were urgent matters to report, not the Deputy President.

“If Gideon’s family wants to continue with their business, let them leave Ruto out of it. The standard should not get to Rift Valley, that should be the end of the road for them. Rest in peace,” they proclaimed while they watched the newspapers burn.

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