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Slain Kiambu family laid to rest (watch)



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The slain Kiambu family is being laid to rest today as the country is still in shock over one of the most gruesome murders ever reported.

The ceremony is taking place at their Kiambu home.

Hundreds of shocked villagers are attending the burial at Karura village.

Warunge’s son Lawrence Warunge, who’s the main suspect has already been arrested over the murders.

Warunge, a second-year Mt. Kenya University Bachelor of Business in IT student and the eldest son in the family, police said, has confessed to committing the heinous act.

University student on why he killed his family

The 22-year-old Lawrence Warunge confessed that he chose to eliminate the four members of his nuclear family because they were talking ill of him behind his back.

He told detectives that he has initially planned to kill everyone including his two surviving sisters who are in school, but his plans were foiled when the two returned to school on December 5.

While appearing to borrow a leaf from Villanelle- the villain and psychopathic assassin in the British show- the 22-year-old descended upon his family members without remorse, killing them one by one before hitting the road to destroy evidence.

A detailed police report said that he killed James Kinyanjui first- a handyman who lived a few meters from the main house.

He then attacked his mother Anne Wanjiku who was in the kitchen and then his 12-year-old brother who had responded to his mother’s distress call.

Slain Kiambu family.

The murder suspect then attacked his father Nicholas Waruinge who had jumped from the balcony, attempting to flee the visceral attack.

Last to be killed was his cousin, a 13-year-old boy who was hiding under the bed.

He told police officers how he stabbed the minor with a 9-inch knife despite the helpless child kneeling and pleading for mercy.

Before the murder, Warunge told detectives that he had gone online to research on the best way to execute the crime.

To ensure that none of his victims would survive, Warunge would hit them on the head with a metal bar, stab them multiple times on the chest before slitting their throat.


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