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Video of Man Suspected to be Selling Used Masks from Mbagathi Causes Outrage



Video of Man Suspected to be Selling Used Masks from Mbagathi Causes Outrage
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A video of a man washing what appear to be used COVID-19 masks has sparked outrage on social media.

In the viral video, a man is seen washing used COVID-19 masks and airing them to dry out.

The incident allegedly took place at Makadara in Nairobi, and the masks suspected to have been obtained either from Mbagathi staff or from the facility dumpsite.

Kenyans online expressed their anger and displeasure at how easily one could obtain COVID-19 masks from the facility and sell to innocent Kenyans.

“Pretty sure someone repackaged them. I saw someone washing used masks from Mbagathi for resale. Wickedness,” Lillian Wambui remarked.

“Avoid buying unsealed masks because of poor hand hygiene by hawkers. A mask can be a source of the COVID-19 virus. The majority of the masks being sold don’t meet quality standards, especially cloth masks. Why does the government allow people to walk around with substandard masks?” Macharia, George warned.

Kenyans have called upon relevant authorities to look into the matter and probe Mbagathi hospital for endangering the lives of Kenyans.

“Who is the accomplice from the Mbagathi hospital? Does the hospital have some good way of disposal, or do they throw them away like that?” Kevin Ckay asked.

“DCI should first arrest persons responsible for disposing of hazardous waste at the hospital,” Kamah remarked.

A section of Kenyans argued that the government had imposed strict measures to control the spread of COVID-19, which in turn has rendered a lot of people jobless, leading to the vice.

“We are at higher risk, and the problem is that people were never told how to dispose of them. Another thing is, people are jobless so they try to make a living through all channels available,” Isaac Yegon stated.

“This is an opportunity to engage in public awareness on proper and safe disposal methods of masks,” Ikenye Kemu opined.

Some Kenyans blamed the government for the vice, arguing that if the government gave out free masks, there would be no reason to recycle.

“Even the guy who’s washing them will just infect himself and spread to the one who maybe he’s supplying to, and the spread continues,” Lincoln Muhoro stated.

“The government should come up with stiff regulations concerning the sale of masks before exposing Kenyans to more danger,” Mike Epero stated.

“This in the first place shows total irresponsibility from the authorities in charge and the government as a whole. How do they not have a safe way to dump ‘the masks and other PPEs’ in place,” John Ngugi added.

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