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Mike Sonko’s latest attack on Uhuru backfires on him



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Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s latest attack on President Uhuru Kenyatta has sparked reactions on Twitter with many online users advising him to accept and move on!

Sonko shared a photo of former CJ David Maraga while being interviewed by Citizen Tv’s Joe Ageyo.

He captioned the photo with a phrase that read; This Mlevi is the right guy to be impeached

Kenyans on Twitter were having nothing of this with many of those who reacted on the post bashing the former Governor.

Mike Sonko’s latest attack on President Kenyatta has backfired.

Read some of the reactions below.

In August last year President Uhuru Kenyatta moved to restore order in Nairobi after bringing together NMS Director General Mohammed Badi and Sonko.

Uhuru warned that unending “baseless” political blame games between the Nairobi Metropolitan Service and the Nairobi government would be detrimental towards service delivery to residents.

He told both Badi and Sonko to work together and avoid anything and anyone trying to bring divisions between them.

“I have said enough is enough and I don’t want to hear about political fights in Nairobi. My brothers seated behind me work together. Si kila saa ni vita na matusi. Jukumu letu ni kuhudumia wananchi,” Uhuru said.

Referring to NMS, the President made it clear that it is not a political office and told Sonko to stop politicizing the matter.

When he apparently failed to heed to the warnings, he was impeached.

The former Governor has ever since the exercise criticized Uhuru’s administration at the point of even making a serious allegation during the burial ceremony of the late Machakos senator Boniface Kabaka.

According to Sonko, Kabaka was killed by state machinery.

Sonko goes berserk in Machakos, blames senator Kabaka’s death on state machinery (Video)

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